The attorneys at Robes Law Group can help you with a wide range of claims including defective products, pharmaceutical injuries, product liability and more. We know that being involved in a case can be time consuming and stressful, which is why we strive to provide the best possible service to every one of our clients. To learn more about how we can help you or a loved one, contact us for a free case evaluation.


    Insurance is there to help in times of need. Unfortunately, insurance policies are often confusing and ambiguous, favoring insurance companies over consumers and businesses. Even worse, some insurance companies fail to abide by the terms and conditions stated in your policy and willfully refuse to pay a legitimate claim for damages. This is called bad faith.


    Often, when a product fails to stand up to manufacturer claims, it’s disappointing. Unfortunately, defective products—whether the result of poor design, faulty components or misleading instruction—can lead to injuries. In that case, the manufacturer, designer or seller may be liable for the injuries caused by the product, and you may be eligible for compensation.


    Premises liability is a practice area that refers to accidents that happen when someone is injured on another person’s property. The injury could occur because of negligent maintenance, unsafe or dangerous conditions on the property, hazards on the property, or lack of security on the property.


    Manufacturers are responsible for providing safe products or at least giving warnings about potential hazards. Defective products can lead to catastrophic, life altering injuries including brain injury, back injury, neck injury, spinal cord trauma, amputation, quadriplegia, paraplegia, or a wrongful death in the family.

Practice Areas

    Our attorneys have extensive experience in the practice areas including litigating in Florida courts and in arbitrations. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of legal disputes. Litigation is any lawsuit or resort to the courts to determine a legal question or matter. Lawyers arguing the disputed issues are litigators, and the clients they represent are litigants. Lawyers are the preferred option for those who choose not to represent themselves in court.


    The pharmaceutical industry is extremely competitive and very profitable and one of the most difficult practice areas. Drug manufacturing companies aggressively market pharmaceuticals and in some cases, ignore or minimize possible health risks. Often, by the time the public is made aware of these risks or the drugs are recalled, many people may already have experienced their side effects. Side effects vary depending on the drugs, but may include heart attack or stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, diabetes, suicide, or kidney or liver damage or failure, or other serious issues.


    Robes Law Group, PLLC has extensive experience in these practice areas helping families who have lost loved ones due to negligence. Our team of proven South Florida attorneys will evaluate your wrongful death case and determine your legal rights and your case for compensation.

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